Cannabis for New Yorkers by New Yorkers

New Yorkers are people from all generations, origins, and walks of life sharing space and creative energy – from the stimulation of the city to the lushness of the land.

And cannabis has the amazing ability to elevate everything New Yorkers do; encouraging connection, building community, and heightening creativity.

Our mission

We’re here to elevate cannabis by becoming New York’s very own cannabis brand, infusing New York DNA into growing, cultivating, and formulating all our products.

Our MF-ing difference is that we do everything single-source at our Hudson Valley farm (60 miles north of NYC). Being seed-to-shelf means we control every variable – from growing the plant to harvesting to processing – to ensure we deliver the highest quality products.

We’re able to stay focused on providing New Yorkers with the cannabis they deserve because we’re not distracted by growing for other brands (unlike many other cultivators in New York). And MFNY will never be grown by anyone else.

Every decision we make and step we take serves to elevate New York’s new state flower; so cannabis can help bring all New Yorkers…

Ever Upward™
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