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MFNY products are available exclusively at licensed (legal) dispensaries in NY State. When you buy your weed at licensed dispensaries, you’re helping to support the work it takes to provide safe, effective cannabis products to more New Yorkers. More important, the communities disproportionately affected by the war on drugs also benefit.

Dispensaries themselves also support local charities:

  • Union Square Travel Agency donates a percentage of sales to The Doe Fund providing “...a source of hope for New Yorkers facing homelessness or reentering society after incarceration.”
  • Profits from sales at Housing Works Cannabis Co. go to their charitable work of providing direct action and advocacy uplift to communities that have suffered under the war on drugs.
  • Gotham Cannabis supports Strive, a foundation that helps to “...ensure that everyone can achieve upward mobility and financial empowerment for themselves and their families through the power of a good career.”

Support your local dispensaries because they help support your community.

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