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Apr 2024

Our mouth-watering gummies are unlike any other edibles you've tried. Because our vegan, full-spectrum, cultivar-specific gummies are infused with MFNY’s premium live rosin extract as opposed to distillate. Distillate (crude cannabis oil from dried plants) lacks the concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids…

Mar 2024

You may have heard of hash holes or donuts: potent pre-rolls that are great party starters for groups. We call ours the BagelHole (named after our favorite bagels in NY). Each BagelHole boasts 1.5 grams of premium MFNY flower in a perfect, hand-made XL blunt...

Oct 2023

Most pre-rolls have a bad reputation because they’re typically made with the leftover, lower quality flower that they wouldn’t sell in a jar. At MFNY we take a different approach...

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