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Feb 2024

Everyone has their ‘go-to’. Perhaps you’ve found that indica, sativa, or hybrid strains work best. Or you’ve tried a bunch of different cultivars and found a specific favorite. In the end, it’s the terpene profiles that inform the effects cannabis has on you (see MFNY Nug #1).

Nov 2023

We’ve all heard the term “farm-to-table.” At MFNY we’re “seed-to-shelf” which makes us a uniquely Single Source cannabis operation. That means we actively and exactingly manage and oversee every process from cultivation to processing to distribution at the dispensaries.

Sep 2023

Why does it have to be one strain “versus” the other?Can’t all the cannabis plants just get along? At MFNY, we want to elevate all New Yorkers’ cannabis knowledge, so let’s untangle this ancient enigma.

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