Why does it have to be one strain “versus” the other?

Can’t all the cannabis plants just get along? At MFNY, we want to elevate all New Yorkers’ cannabis knowledge, so let’s untangle this ancient enigma.

There are many oversimplifications you’ll hear about these two cannabis strains. Most people believe Sativas are more invigorating and energizing (more CBD than THC). Looks-wise, Sativa plants are tall and have thin, light-green leaves. 

Whereas, Indicas are thought of as relaxing and calming (higher THC than CBD) with more of a body high (hence the memory-device “in da couch”). These plants are shorter with broader leaves with colors ranging from dark green to purple.

It used to be that these names indicated what climate zones these strains were historically grown in as outdoor growing conditions affect terpene profiles. But now it’s really the terpenes that indicate the effects you might experience. 

These days, with all the crossbreeding that’s been going on, there really aren’t any (genetically) pure Indica or Sativa strains anymore–they’re hybrids. That’s why you mostly see “Sativa-dominant hybrid” or “Indica-dominant hybrid.” But it’s the five or six terpenes present in each that make the difference. 

While many people navigate their choice by Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid, it’s becoming increasingly less relevant as the strains affect different people differently. Ask your budtender about the effects you want to experience and they can help guide you to the right product.

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