Our Bagel Dethrones the Donut

You may have heard of hash holes or donuts: potent pre-rolls that are great party starters for groups. We call ours the BagelHole (named after our favorite bagels in NY).Each BagelHole boasts 1.5 grams of premium MFNY flower in a perfect, hand-made XL blunt with a 0.5 gram cylinder-shaped roll of our premium Live Rosin extract down the center (kind of like the cream cheese inside a freshly baked bagel).

Having our real-deal Live Rosin extract inside this pre-roll results 
in a higher level of potency, natural flavors, and aromas of the flower to bring an even more euphoric experience to any group of friends.Every time we do a BagelHole drop, it will feature different flower and live rosin combinations, so be on the lookout.

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Jul 2023

Most brands use dissatisfying distillate in their non-flower products (gummies, vape pens, etc.). MFNY is the only NY brand that uses concentrated live rosin and live resin in all of our non-flower products...

Apr 2024

Want to learn more about New York Cannabis Industry and building a brand in it? We've got the IRL event for you: 'New York Cannabis: Industry Update, Building a Brand and More' on Wed 24th April from 6:00 - 7:15 PM at SOHO WORKS, 55 Water Street, Brooklyn

Jan 2024

Last year, MFNY entered a bunch of local and regional competitions. We ended up winning dozens of awards. And we plan to bring home even more in 2024.

Nov 2023

We’ve all heard the term “farm-to-table.” At MFNY we’re “seed-to-shelf” which makes us a uniquely Single Source cannabis operation. That means we actively and exactingly manage and oversee every process from cultivation to processing to distribution at the dispensaries.

Sep 2023

Why does it have to be one strain “versus” the other?Can’t all the cannabis plants just get along? At MFNY, we want to elevate all New Yorkers’ cannabis knowledge, so let’s untangle this ancient enigma.

Aug 2023

Badder is a form of cannabis concentrate (we make it in live rosin and resin) that has a smooth and thick consistency. A consistency resulting from proprietary post-processing methods earned from years of hands-on experience.

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