Try Live Rosin and Everything Else Will Be Dead to You

Our mouth-watering gummies are unlike any other edibles you've tried. Because our vegan, full-spectrum, cultivar-specific gummies are infused with MFNY’s premium live rosin extract as opposed to distillate. Distillate (crude cannabis oil from dried plants) lacks the concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids – the reason we enjoy cannabis in the first place. But live rosin is made via solventless extraction from premium fresh frozen plants, preserving all the natural terpenes and tantalizing earthy flavors of each strain. Even better, we add minimal sugar to highlight the natural flavors of the cultivar.

Eat Your Greens, and Reds, and Pinks

Basically, the most important things that set the rainbow of MFNY gummies apart are the fresh smell and dynamic taste. Because of the live rosin concentrates, you get the pungent aromas of the original strain used to make these gummies (most gummies only taste like the flavors added in the processing stage). MFNY gummies taste more like the original strain – making it as close as you can (and should) get to eating flower.

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Mar 2023

It's been a long road, and we're finally here. We can't wait to show you what we've got cooking for you as the New York adult-use market opens up. You'll be hearing more from us very soon.

Aug 2023

Badder is a form of cannabis concentrate (we make it in live rosin and resin) that has a smooth and thick consistency. A consistency resulting from proprietary post-processing methods earned from years of hands-on experience.

Jul 2023

Most brands use dissatisfying distillate in their non-flower products (gummies, vape pens, etc.). MFNY is the only NY brand that uses concentrated live rosin and live resin in all of our non-flower products...

Nov 2023

Most pre-rolls have a bad reputation because they’re typically made with the leftover, lower quality flower that they wouldn’t sell in a jar. At MFNY we take a different approach...

Feb 2024

Everyone has their ‘go-to’. Perhaps you’ve found that indica, sativa, or hybrid strains work best. Or you’ve tried a bunch of different cultivars and found a specific favorite. In the end, it’s the terpene profiles that inform the effects cannabis has on you (see MFNY Nug #1).

Sep 2023

Why does it have to be one strain “versus” the other?Can’t all the cannabis plants just get along? At MFNY, we want to elevate all New Yorkers’ cannabis knowledge, so let’s untangle this ancient enigma.

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