Why Terpenes Matter More Than THC

Our mission is to elevate the consciousness and knowledge of all New Yorkers. Which is why we’re always happy to share some nugs of knowledge along the way.

High THC is a sign of quality” is one myth we are deeply passionate about putting to bed. The strongest cannabis products are not the best cannabis products. We all know that’s not true for alcohol, and it’s not true for cannabis.

High THC levels, just like the designations Indica & Sativa, are indicators by which many people typically navigate their buying decisions. However, they don’t help the consumers understand the nuances of the plant’s many benefits.

The most widely used extraction processes strip away most terpene expressions to achieve a high THC percentage. In doing so, they remove the nuance of the product and actually reduce the quality of the product.

It’s the combination of terpenes and THC that truly make the magic happen, and it is the entourage effect (interplay) of the two rather than ‘a sativa, or an indica’ that directs the high. That’s why at MFNY we are just as inspired by the terpenes themselves, and the extra magic that can happen from blending combinations of hybridized plants and genetics. 

Whoever you buy from, please always make an informed choice and support all of New York's licensed brands.

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